Huge CPU Usage by "Desktop Service Helper"

I got some Mails from a company complaining about huge CPU Usage on their Macintoshes. The Process is called "DesktopServiceHelper" ... Well a actually did not know what this Process is and what is does.
Google only lead me to Spotify Community and other "Microsoft Windows Sites"

TL;DR _It's the "Empty Trash Securely" in the Finder Settings.

Answer I haven't turned on Disk encryption a the beginning. So enabling the Secure Empty the Trash was an interesting Feature I activated via a Profile over a OS X Server. Some time ago, we forces every User in the Company to encrypt the Disk with Apples FileVault. After this step a securely emptied trash does not make sense anymore, because also the deleted files are still "encrypted" on the Disks. Also SSDs are in Macbooks and Mac Pros and this really hurts a SSD. Maybe I will write an extra Article about "secure file deleting" But it's enough for today 😉